Frequently Asked Questions

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Each cab fits 2­ to 3 people depending on size. We can handle group sizes from one to 50.

Our riders are general contractors. As such, they are not paid an hourly rate and depend on your gratuity. An appropriate tip for a bare bones tour with no added trips or time is $20, but riders are happy to accept all the money you want to pay; a tip of a few hundred thousand or a million, should you win the lottery, would not be amiss ;)

You can cancel your tour or event within 72 hours with no repercussions. Shorter notice results in a $10.00 rescheduling fee for tours; weddings and events will lose 10% of their deposit. All cancellations and rescheduling must be done by email to

We service from 20th E Burnside to 20th SE Division across the river into downtown from the South Waterfront to Trendy 23rd and PSU. We are available to travel; contact us at and someone will contact you within 48 hours to discuss your needs.

We are flexible and creative and would love to make your day. Want to see the sights? Tour the food carts? Our pedicabs are at your disposal for just about anything you can imagine. Give us a call and we'll put something together.

PDX Pedicabs is fully licensed & insured through the city of Portland. Our riders are some of the best cyclists around, and will make sure you have a safe, fun, and memorable experience.

We're witty, knowledgeable, and live to give you the best view of Portland you can get - from the back of a bike. Our pedicabs are 100% human powered and our riders can tailor tours to fit any need. We can accommodate groups of one to fifty, and we even have karaoke.

What could be more fun than experiencing Portland from the back of a pedicab? Once you ride in one, you'll agree: it's the only way to travel.

You bet you can. You just need to call or submit a ride request and someone will contact you in 48 hours to discuss your needs. You can email us at

Well it is a 200 lbs bike but we’re strong and tough so it isn’t that hard for us.