Pedicab Birthday Parties & Scavenger Hunt

Remember your birthdays when you were a kid? Your mom would bake cupcakes to take into your class, your teacher would make you a very regal-looking paper crown and all of your classmates would let you win at Duck Duck Goose? Those days may be a thing of the past but we at Pdx Pedicab are determined to help you celebrate your birthday in true Portland style. Riding around town in one of our pedicabs beats playground games any day of the week and twice on Sunday. The best part? How you celebrate is totally up to you. Portland is your oyster! Whether you’re 8 or 80 we can make your birthday one to remember (or forget; it’s up to you.) Now you can throw that pub crawl you have been meaning to get around to, or that scavenger hunt you promised your son on his last birthday. We do it all – the more crazy and imaginative the better!

The boring yet important part: Prices for birthday parties begin at $30 per person. Final pricing is based on the services requested. Please contact us at (503) 828-9888 for more information on birthday party pricing and ideas.

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Pedicab Birthday Parties & Scavenger Hunt