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Jump start your advertising campaign with our one of a kind mobile placements. Get your brand noticed in more than just one location!


PDX Pedicab offers a number of options to clients seeking to advertise to a specific market segment. Whether you decide to use a Full Wrapped pedicab, delivering high visibility to the public in Downtown Portland, or kick off a full blown Branding Campaign with one of our personable & charismatic riders acting as your Brand Ambassador and personally delivering your brand’s message, if you need to get the word out in Portland, PDX Pedicab delivers.

Local and National Branding Campaign Turn our riders into Brand Ambassadors who will promote and discuss your product or brand in the market segment of your choice. Each Branding Campaign is uniquely developed for each client. Our riders will wear whatever attire you choose to provide, and can pass out product or flyers, as well as deliver your message at specific times and locations.

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Size’s and Options

Ad sizes: Rear panel measurements are 30′ wide x 19′ tall. Our rear panels are reusable so they can be used for multiple campaigns. Full wraps: They encompass the whole bike.

Where Are PDX Pedicabs ?

  • Portland Rose Festival (1 million people in two weeks) ❖Portland Rose Festival (1 million people in two weeks)
  • Portland Blues Festival (100,000 people during the July 4 weekend)
  • The Bite of Portland (100,000 People enjoying the food of the NW)
  • Portland Beer Festival ( 78,000 loving the suds)
  • Portland International Beer Festival (42,000 enjoying Bier)
  • Portland Saturday Market
  • The New Portland Timbers MLS (20,000 per game)
  • First Thursday & Last Thursday on Alberta
  • Every Thursday, Friday, & Saturday evenings around the bars and clubs downtown

Rider Distribution Program

Our riders can be turned into brand ambassadors for your products. We can have our riders in your shirts and handing out your fliers/products to potential clients. Our riders are best at engaging the consumer and introducing them to new things. Weather it’s a new restaurant in the Pearl or the latest energy drink to hit the market we will bring them to you.

Advertisement Reach Details

Pedicab reach – Where ever there is a crowd or a camera PDX Pedicab is present. From Facebook, Twitter, and Pintrest our bikes and your image will be shown. A mobile billboard with a gorilla marketing technique.

Private Events & Marketing

Executive retreats, corporate scavenger hunts or wedding’s we handle every kind of private event that wants an alternative means to transportation. Get exposure to several different types of events without having to pay different sources.

What Our Customers Say

  • I had been exploring downtown and had wandered pretty far from my car when I saw one of the Pedicab dudes. I was walking alone in the cold and he asked me if I wanted a ride. I asked him how much it would be to go like 4 blocks and he said "Eh, free to a dollar". So, of course I hopped in! The guy was really nice and rode fast, but safe.

  • Absolutely the highlight of our trip to Portland. We booked a 2 hour brewery tour and hit 4 different tasting rooms (Apex, Lucky Lab, Cascade and Green Dragon). Matt aka Grapejuice, our tour guide, was awesome and had great recommendations for what to taste at each spot.

    Kris - San Mateo, CA
  • I did the East Side Brew Tour. It was a beautiful sunny day- Perfect for Pedicabbing.. Our tour guides were there to have a good time, obviously enjoyed their jobs and were well knowable about the delicious breweries we would be sampling. They changed up the tour stops based on what we'd ordered at the first stop, which i thought was really cool.

    Dani - Kent,WA

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